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How does LearnBop work?

Problem Statement

With our groundbreaking step-by-step tutoring system, students learn how to solve math problems on their own.

Step-by-step tutoring built from the ground up on sound learning science.

Exceptional K-12 math content authored by award-winning math experts and aligned to the common core and state standards.

Scientifically proven, as students using LearnBop showed 7-9 points more growth on post-assessments compared to students not using LearnBop.

What's LearnBop's exclusive secret?

We tag every step with a core concept


We detect missing prerequisites while students learn, so you know in real-time exactly what they don’t.

LearnBop is the only product that seamlessly identifies missing prerequisites, both at and below grade-level, while students learn.

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Proven in the Classroom


Students using LearnBop show up to 66% more growth of their math performance than the traditional classroom experience.

90% of teachers who try LearnBop would recommend it to other teachers.


Using LearnBop, students master math concepts in just one week on average.


"LearnBop remediates students on concepts I do not have time to cover in class. It helps me monitor their progress and support them in becoming self-directed learners."

—Math Coordinator, MO Public School

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