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With LearnBop, every one of your students can master math.

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How does LearnBop Help Students?

 LearnBop simulates a one-on-one tutoring experience that allows students to learn fundamental math concepts step-by-step at their own pace.

What is a Bop?

LearnBop uses dynamic math problems, called Bops, to help teach students standards aligned math concepts. 

Unlike most math problems, which start and end with one question, Bops are dynamic responding in real-time to student input.  

Step by Step Learning

If a student asks for help or answers a question incorrectly, the initial problem is broken down into smaller, more manageable steps—a proven tutoring technique.

Identify Missing Knowledge

Every step is connected to a standard aligned concept, allowing the teacher to see exactly which prerequisite concepts the student is missing.

Access Prior Knowledge

A student may have the prior knowledge needed to solve a step but not understand the context in which to apply it. LearnBop helps the student access their prior knowledge and use it to solve the problem at hand.

Concept Mastery

LearnBop tracks every student's progress toward mastery as they learn. Mastery is the probability the student truly understands the concept.

Empower Teachers with Information

LearnBop is a useful tool for closing the math achievement gap, saving time in helping you teach more effectively and efficiently.

Teachers See the Big Picture

With the LearnBop dashboard, teachers have easy and quickaccess to critical data and powerful tools to inform instruction and guide learning. LearnBop enables teachers to see a holistic picture of their students’ progress within and across grade while identifying mastery levels of standard aligned math concepts.

Eliminate guesswork!

Make Critical Interventions
Quickly and Easily

Because every step of every Bop is tagged with a standard aligned concept, teachers can see exactly which concepts students have mastered. For those concepts not mastered, LearnBop recommends critical interventions and provides spot-on lessons to get students up to speed, no matter the level of knowledge they’re missing.

Interventions at your fingertips!

Track Progress in Real-time

Students' understanding of math concepts is measured in “Mastery.”, which is defined as the probability that the student has learned the concept. LearnBop calculates mastery based upon a reputable statistics model, and sets the threshold at 90%, the point at which teachers can feel confident the student has truly mastered the concept.

Eliminate remediation!

Transform Your Classroom

LearnBop has been proven to improve performance, including a middle school class in Brooklyn, NY, where the majority of students went from failing the common core standards test to passing it—in just 8 months.